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Gift Shop

Our gift shop, located in the Walatowa Visitor Center, is home to a beautiful collection of local Native American pottery, jewelry, and cultural gifts. You can’t beat our prices and the quality of our products. Our Indigenous staff have hand selected all pieces within our gift shop. We are proud to carry products from various Indigenous owned companies and to support our local artisans and entrepreneurs. We also carry Jemez Mountain and Walatowa t-shirts, hats and souvenirs. Please come shop and support our Indigenous artists and local community.


Join Us for a Cultural Journey!

The Pueblo of Jemez welcomes everyone to explore our beautiful Walatowa Visitor Center, including the Walatowa History Museum, Red Rocks Trails and curated Gift Shop. Enjoy a peaceful day of learning, hiking and shopping in our beautiful Puebloan styled center.

The Walatowa History Museum, free to visitors, takes you on a Hemish (Jemez) cultural journey.  You will learn about our history and how our Towa culture and traditions continue to guide our people today.

Our unique gift shop has curated a beautiful collection of local Native American pottery, jewelry, art and gifts. Our merchandise is sourced from local Native artists and carefully selected by our Indigenous staff. We specialize in our world renown Jemez Pottery, sterling silver and turquoise , storytellers, embroidered woven cloths, and local foods. Also, enjoy a wide selection of collectibles and gifts, including Native American music, books, health and beauty products, and apparel.

Looking to connect with nature? Take a hike on our Red Rocks Trails and explore the red sand stone canyon, unique to the entire Jemez Mountains.

Come and enjoy our sacred Jemez Pueblo lands that we have inhabited since the 13th century.

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